Friday, May 16, 2014

JRA; it was a good run

Nearing the end of a 50 mile mtb commute, descending a gravel fireroad I heard a "tink".  Then I heard a lot of "tinks" and things got all loosey goosey.
I pulled over, checked the rear of my bike;all was fine.
Checked the front wheel; all good.
Checked the underside:

That's not good...

This is the second one that's broken in that region.

Maybe jolly Ol England ain't as wikid gnawly as New England?

Great riding frames, love the ebb, but maybe we just weren't "meant to be".

Which leads us to the obvious question; what bike's next?!


Jacqueline Willis said...

Woop woop! Glad you're back. And what an excellent excuse to post. New Bike!!!


Anonymous said...

Get a Specialized or a custom IF!
Keep us in the loop whatever you decide!

Anonymous said...

My friend had the same problem with this frame, he send mail to singular and they changed the frame without problem

The new version have a correction for this problem.