Sunday, January 27, 2013

I broke down; I put on the balaclava.

Single digits and a daily morning headwind finally did me in.

With the temperature, and somewhat sloppy conditions (we had a dusting of snow a couple of days), I needed to adjust my strategy.

You know the old saying; "Great race bikes make the best commuters"

Neither do I; they don't, but sort of do.

Blu.2 has been put into the service of the greater good.
I started off with a 63" gear, but with the headwinds or hills to avoid the headwind knocked it down to a 60".

The 35mm Panaracer Cinder X tires I have set up on it tubeless are like Velcro.
This is a Happy/Sad kinda thing.
Great on snow, ice, sand and other assorted road grim; slow as something really slow on dry pavement.
But that's okay; my theory being I have to work hard which will keep me warmer.

It's nice having the the control of an mtb in avoiding road side 'gnar, but even with the stem flipped, and a flat bar you can only got so aero on it.

This post has been brought to you by the semicolon; the punctuation mark of kings.


fabian said...

How about a mini fairing on the bars to keep the wind off you.

Rigidnsingle said...

A and D ointment on the face for the prevent of windburn my friend!!

Brendan said...

You need some fenders.

CB2 said...

My regular commuter has fenders.

I was riding the Singular to try and stay warmer by working harder, and for better traction in the snow.
I rode it yesterday with the downtube fender and a rear clip on, and yeah, it was woefully inadequate.